About Natural Order Handmade

My name is Amy, and I am Natural Order Handmade. I began my homesteading journey as Chaos Kitchen many years ago in my South Philadelphia rowhome, where my largest outdoor space was an 8 x 12 foot cement slab surrounded by cinder block walls. I made the best out of that space, and crammed it full of all kinds of plants. Lots of things went on in my tiny kitchen as well. There was canning, and kombucha making, and a little natural cleaning product making too. It was definitely chaotic, as the name suggests!
It took moving a little bit outside Philly to really shift my gears into full-on homesteading and soap making. I've got much more space inside and out to be more self-sufficient and sustainable. I also became much more organized and streamlined, which is the natural order of things, once you have more practice and experience under your belt. While I am not completely the opposite of chaos, Natural Order Handmade better represents where I am now, and the brand I am trying to build.
Here you will find handmade and all-natural soaps for sale, but I also hope that you will follow me on my journey of discovering the ins and outs of homesteading after leading a dominantly urban lifestyle. Here's your invitation to follow me, or join along with me as I learn how to live a more self-sufficient life!